If you ever needed a lesson in patience being a virtue, then Ballantines and its scotch whisky is the perfect example. Between two centuries, five Master Blenders, the Ballantine name stands for nothing but uncompromising excellence. You might ask, how do they do it? Well, by staying true to the original recipe, Ballantines stay out of the box by blending 40 different whiskies in each bottle. Yes, you read that right, 40 whiskies! You can see why their Master Blender, Sandy Hyslop, took 24-years to learn the formula to perfection.
Tracing their roots all the way back to 1827, the brand’s scotch whisky was born after George Ballantine opened the first store in Edinburgh. Over 200 years later and this whisky has done a bit of globetrotting. They are now the No.1 blended Scotch whisky in Europe and No.2 around the world. So, whether you choose the Ballantines Finest Whisky or 17-year old blended whisky, you’ll see that the excellence is in the tasting.

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