American Eagle

American Eagle Tennessee Bourbon is a new addition to the Bourbon scene, so if you think you’ve tried them all, it might just be time to think again. American Eagle was first released in 2019 and comes in three expressions; four-year-aged, eight-year-aged, and twelve-year-aged. Distributed by the Hazelwood Group, these charming bourbons are produced by a small family distillery in Tennessee, who use high-quality toasted oak barrels in the ageing process, a high percentage of corn in the malt bill (84%), and a charcoal filtering process. As such each bottle is packed with the richly creamy notes of toffee, buttered popcorn, toast and fudge that you’d expect, glorious flavours of bittersweet orange, warming white pepper, and a clean, smooth finish.

American Eagle is a superb option for all you seasoned bourbon drinkers looking to complete your collection, as well as newcomers to bourbon, looking for friendly, sweet, indulgent flavours. Grab your bottle today from our online shop.

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