Zymurgorium Ruby Eyes Ruby Chocolate Rum, 70 cl

Zymurgorium Ruby Eyes Ruby Chocolate Rum, 70 cl

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The guys at Zymurgorium are the first ever to use Ruby Chocolate to make a spirit. Premium Rum has been blended with this newly discovered spice to give a never before experienced flavour & textures of silk, deep chocolate and ripe berries.

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    Manchester based and big on experimentation their range definitely could not be criticised for not having character. Zymurgorium is not only a distillery but a Meadery & Brewery. The rather fantastic name is an amalgamation of the words Zymurgy and Emporium; Zymurgy is the study of scientific brewing and an emporium is a shop that sells various items and trinkets.

    Tasting Notes

    Deep chocolate and ripe berries

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