Ron Zacapa XO Rum, 70 cl

Ron Zacapa XO Rum, 70 cl

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Zacapa XO is a unique balance of complex aromas and flavors resulting from the exclusive blend of reserve rums. Hand selected rums are aged between 6 and 25 years in their unique "Sistema Solera". Older and younger rums are then blended as they age in a sequence of barrels that previously stored robust American Whiskeys, delicate Sherries, fine Pedro Ximenez wines and finished in French oak casks which previously aged Cognac. Complex? Very. Read more.

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    In eastern Guatemala, 229m above sea level, lies the town of Zacapa. Founded in 1876 as a bustling railroad stop, the resident population was soon joined by travellers from around the world, leaving a legacy that can still be seen today in local surnames. In 1976, the town reached its centenary. To celebrate this historic event, Guatemala's premier rum-producing company decided to create something special. By harnessing expert knowledge gained over many years, a unique premium spirit was born: Ron Zacapa Centenario.

    Tasting Notes

    It has a perfectly balanced combination of sweetness, spice, fruit and spirit.

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