Whitley Neill Raspberry Gin Miniature, 5 cl

Whitley Neill Raspberry Gin Miniature, 5 cl

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A great way to sample one of Whitley Neill’s Gins without the expense of buying a bottle. Whitley Neill have grown their repertoire of gins impressively and their latest offering doesn't buck the trend. Scottish raspberries with supporting notes of liquorice and coriander make for a gin perfect for splashing into a glass of wine. Read more.

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    Whitley Niell has a tagline of “Made In England, Inspired by Africa" and if the ingredients are anything to go by they've not only stayed true to that sentiment, they've been ferociously innovative too. When gin making has been in your family for 8 generations you can get off the beaten track and still produce drinks of premium quality like Whitley Niell does again and again.

    Tasting Notes

    Fruity, refreshing and perfect for your next summer concoction.

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