Tiger Premium Lager Beer, 12 x 330 ml

Tiger Premium Lager Beer, 12 x 330 ml

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Tiger is an international award-winning beer which undergoes a 500-hour brewing process for a single bottle. Such commitment yields a distinctively crisp, clean refreshing taste that takes you to the Far East with every sip.

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    Tiger Premium Lager Beer, 12 x 330 ml


    Tiger Beer is a refreshing and full bodied lager beer with a light straw colour, soft beady aroma and a hint of tropical fruit. Its malty character is immediately noticeable, with a silky texture on the palate and has a clean, crisp finish when served chilled.

    As its name suggests, Tiger packs a real bite. A premium lager with some cereal character on aroma. Fruity notes are balanced with moderate bitterness and clean finish. This Asian lager is an ideal choice to stand up to some of the sweeter dishes like satay.

    Tasting Notes

    Sweet potato, honey and candied lemon balanced with pineapple acidity.

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