Stoli Night Edition Vodka, 70 cl

Stoli Night Edition Vodka, 70 cl

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Introducing Stoli Night Edition Vodka, the perfect way to turn an evening into your night. Crafted with premium Stolichnaya vodka, this 70cl bottle is sure to bring an extra glow of excitement to any occasion. When the lights go down, Stoli Night Edition shows its full effect - the exotic glow that radiates from its depths accentuates every moment and marks a party like no other. Revelers won’t need to worry about boring drinks; instead, you can enjoy the amazing luminescent effects as you hold up your glowing delight in celebration. Our vodka has been distilled four times for an undeniably smooth taste which blends spices and herbs along with a soft touch of citrus-orange oil. Whether you’re hosting friends or simply enjoying alone time, our 60 proof spirit will leave you feeling uniquely satisfied. There's something special about sipping a spirit that glows so brightly; its unique character will give your evenings an alluring flavor and flair. A stunning addition to your bar cart, our Stoli Night Edition Vodka celebrates nights out with its luscious hue and glamourous illumination. Unlock it when it's time to show off something that's beyond special - avoid settling for anything less than mystifying! Read more.

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