Selvatiq Beyond Vermouth, 50 cl

Selvatiq Beyond Vermouth, 50 cl

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Selvatiq Beyond Vermouth is made with botanicals obtained from conscious and conservative foraging, harvested in a mid to high mountain habitat distilled individually and blended with the wine that originates in the same harvesting areas, the Valtellina, nebbiolo. Our vermouth liqueur tells us, through its balsamic tones, the charm of the alpine coniferous forests. Read more.

    Selvatiq Beyond Vermouth, 50 cl


    We use only the best wild ingredients. So we can offer unique and exceptional flavours. Our spirits are characterised by the flavours of the habitats in which they are made. We make our drinks in the place of exploration and discovery by combining botanicals from our travels. 

    Tasting Notes

    Balsamic tones

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