Rum-Bar by Worthy Park Silver, 20 cl

Rum-Bar by Worthy Park Silver, 20 cl

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Silver Jamaican rum from Worthy Park's Rum-Bar range. Well-suited for all manner of cocktails and mixed drinks - you ought to rather happy indeed to see Rum-Bar on the back-bar of your favourite drinking establishment. Read more.

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    The Worthy Park Estate has remained this way since it’s inception in 1670. It was gifted to Lt. Francis Price for his services to Cromwell during the English capture of the island from the Spanish in 1655. It has expanded since then through the acquisition of neighbouring properties.

    Commercial production of cane and sugar began in 1720 and has continued unabated until this day. Since then it has only been under ownership by three families and has been in the hands of the Clarke family since 1918. In that time Worthy Park has not only engaged in cane farming and sugar production but the land has been used for beef cattle, citrus, poultry and other agricultural crops. However, there has been a consistent reduction in cultivation of other crops and livestock in favour of an increased cultivation of cane and sugar production.

    Tasting Notes

    Dried banana chips, wet grass, pink peppercorn, a touch of chewy apricot.

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