Remy Martin VSOP, 35 cl

Remy Martin VSOP, 35 cl

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Dominant notes of vanilla thanks to longer aging in French Limousin oak barrels, followed by ripe apricot, baked apple, and an elegant floral note.Remy Martin VSOP (very superior old pale) sources grapes exclusively from the Grande and Petite Champagne regions, also know as Fine Champagne Cognac. To say that Remy Martin has been around for a while is something of an under statement. Their roots stretch as far back as 1724 when the business was first established. Another key date comes much later in 1948 when Remy Martin decided to source their grapes from only 2 of the 6 regions within Cognac- Grande and Petit Champagne. This can be seen as a very strong quality statement as these two regions are generally considered to provide the best grapes in the region. A consistently well rounded Cognac. As like many VSOP Cognacs the key here is to exaggerate the lighter notes from the region. Fruity (apricot and peach) and floral (Rose) notes are thus at the fore with any spice being light and sweet. Read more.

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