Porfidio Anejo Tequila, 70 cl

Porfidio Anejo Tequila, 70 cl

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The Original by Porfidio aims to go beyond regular 100% agave tequila. In terms of quality, 'The Original by Porfidio' is considered by many to be the ultimate in the art of tequila making, despite not actually being classified as a tequila.The Original by Porfidio is made from 100% Blue Agave, not simply 100% Agave. It is made only from first-growth blue agave from the geographically delimited Jalisco region in Mexico, and is therefore Super-Jalisco.The Original by Porfidio is therefore not simply a “100% Agave Tequila”, but a “100% Blue Agave Super-Jalisco”. Super-Jalisco has half the methanol content of the industry average for 100% tequilas, as it is produced via enzymatic hydrolysis, not heat hydrolysis.The Original by Porfidio is distilled with state-of-the-art German Hollstein Alembic equipment, rather than traditional Mexican alembics. The Original by Porfidio is continuously aged in virgin oak barrels throughout the entire ageing period, not simply processed with a virgin oak barrel finish.Finest quality, Japanese-made hand-blown glass bottle. 
Each cactus bottle is an individual piece of art; no two bottles are ever identical. Read more.

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    Created by Austrian entrepreneur Martin Grassl, Porfidio is famous for its hand-blown bottle which actually contains a small blue glass cactus.  The marketing and packaging is clever and it is one of the few producers to have won multiple awards for their single barrel 100% agave tequila.

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    Agave done masterfully

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