Mince Pie Snowglobe Christmas Liqueur, 70 cl

Mince Pie Snowglobe Christmas Liqueur, 70 cl

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Introducing `Mince Pie' Christmas Liqueur with edible silver.A sweet spice mix with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg and dried fruits with a rich complexity to deliver a wonderfully full buttery taste.Best enjoyed over ice or paired with apple juice and cinnamon.Shake to watch the `snow' fall around the secret image hidden in the bottle. Read more.

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    At a certain time of year, these days it's near enough around the time that the Easter eggs disappear, the shops start nudging out mince pies, and a portion of society rejoices! "Why must these just be a seasonal treat, and why can't someone bottle up their unmistakable flavour so it can be enjoyed as a drink?", they ask. Well, consider those prayers answered with this Mince Pie Liqueur – just the thing to add some extra festivity to... Well, the festivities. There is also glitter in the bottle, so when you give it a shake it's reminiscent of a snow globe.

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