Mezcal Amores Espadin, 70 cl
Mezcal Amores Espadin, 70 cl

Mezcal Amores Espadin, 70 cl

A single-variety mezcal from Amores. Made entirely with espadin, this hails from Mitla and is lightly sweet with notes of mango, cinnamon and bergamot.

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  • Brand

    Mezcal Amores

  • Product Description

    Mezcal Amores is an artisanal spirit, batch-produced using traditional, sustainable techniques.For each Mezcal Amores batch, the team selects the most interesting terroir, the ideal varietal of agave and the most skilled master distiller to work with. However, all Mezcal Amores expressions have a philosophy in common - 100% natural, organic and sustainable processes, including milling with a tahona stone turned by a mule, and natural fermentation in open wooden vats.

    Tasting Notes

    Smooth with platinum notes