Mainbrace Navy Strength Dark Rum, 70 cl

Mainbrace Navy Strength Dark Rum, 70 cl

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A limited edition Navy Strength variant from Mainbrace. This one is an unusual blend of rums, with an unaged agricole from Martinique working alongside an aged Guyanese rum – not something you see every day! Just 500 bottles were produced, weighing in at 54.5% ABV. Read more.


    Traditionally crafted with a modern twist, Mainbrace is a unique golden 'spliced rum'. A premium blend of unaged agricole from La Favourite Distillerie and 2-5 year old rums from 3 different stills in Guyana. 

    Mainbrace is produced using locally sourced sugar cane as well as traditional pot and column still distillation. The same methods and stills were used to create rum for the British Navy as far back as 1732.

    Tasting Notes

    Toasted wood, caramel and white pepper, with grassy sweetness and molasses alongside raisin and oaky vanilla.

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