Sharish Laurinius Barrel Aged Gin, 50 cl

Sharish Laurinius Barrel Aged Gin, 50 cl

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A limited edition Gin with only 3,000 bottles produced each year. Laurinius has been aged for a year in Oak Barrels where once lived the Aguardentes of the Lourinha Cooperative Adega. It was during a visit to the distillery by the managers of the Louriana Xo that the idea popped up of producing a Gin in partnership. The chosen base was Sharish Gin Original, but substituting "Esmolfe" Apples with Rocha Pears, and the addition of Bay Leaf, characteristic of the Lourinha region. The Gin is then left to rest in the Oak Barrels for not less than a year, which gives it an amber colour, the distinctive mark of aged Gins, and softens the aromas, giving them warmer notes Sharish Gin is a smooth gin with a unique aroma. Very citric, especially from the orange zest, and a sweet flavour from pears and vanilla. The juniper it's also easy to identify considering the softer notes of coriander seeds.

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    A new portuguese gin produced in Alentejo by Antonio Cuco gets its name because of the village MONSARAZ. Sharish  means 'xara' or 'jara', which is the Cistus ladanifer, used during the muslim presence. So Mont Sharish means hill raised in an impenetrable amount of cistus, giving origin to the name Monsaraz.

    Tasting Notes

    A Limited Edition highly citric Gin

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