Laplandia Lingonberry Vodka, 70 cl

Laplandia Lingonberry Vodka, 70 cl

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This is the first vodka in the world that is made using wild natural berries, and each litre contains as much as 258g of lingonberries! Lingonberry is one of the essential nordic berries and has a slightly sweet initial taste, followed by a mild bitter kick, resembling a cranberry. Read more.


    The result of a partnership between a diamond jeweller and an ex Roadie, Laplandia is produced by the Shaman Distillery which lies in a remote area on the Lapland border. The ancient Lake Hirsijavi provides the distillery with its water and is thought to have existed since the Ice Age. The vodka comes from hand grown wheat and is 7 times distilled in column stills.

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    The authentic taste of Lingonberries  

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