La Hechicera Serie Experimental No 2 Rum, 70 cl

La Hechicera Serie Experimental No 2 Rum, 70 cl

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It's the second experimental release from La Hechicera! This time the Colombian distillery has added a fruity twist to its already gorgeous rum, having infused it with organic sun-dried banana – hence why it's called the Banana Experiment. The expression is also a nod to the family-run business' history in the banana trade, which is a fun fact to recall as you open the lavish bottle. We'll be keeping very busy putting all kinds of tropical twists on classic cocktails with this decadent, fruity tipple! Read more.

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    is a naturally ‘unpolished’ rum, which means it has not been rounded up with additives or sugar, its smoothness and flavour are the result of the noble wood it is aged in. This is the traditional way of making rum that does not require any polishing or ‘finishing’, any additive would only opaque its innate brilliance.

    LA HECHICERA’s flavour profile is exactly what we expect rum to be; deep woodiness with characterful notes of things Colombian; a heady scent of toffee and orange peel on the nose followed by a bold burst of flavour on the palate with distinctive notes of tobacco and roasted coffee. Is ending is crisp and smooth.

    Tasting Notes

    Ripe banana skin alongside touches of tobacco and cocoa.

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