Kong Rainforest Craft Rum, 70 cl

Kong Rainforest Craft Rum, 70 cl

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It initially smells of damp forest and mist. On the nose, the aromatic hand-picked herbs bring forth suggestions of green mountains.Distant spice notes. Balsamic notes of mint. Ideas of green and thick jungles. Floral and arboreal puffs. Exotic vanilla. Sensations of distant laurel and fruit trees. And on opening, notes that are of oak. And notes that are not classic in rum.And its finish, between casks and caramel, brings us the smell of rain and the “aroma a madre”. Of mandarin and orange trees when the storm arrives. It smells as it has to smell, a rum inspired by the habitat of gorillas. Read more.


    It is produced with premium aged rums and distilled with ingredients from the Gorilla´s habitat in order to capture notes of the flavour and scent of its Rainforests. Green aromas, tree notes, balsamic breath and a taste that reminiscences its Rainforests. Rum KONG is produced without additives nor added sugars. Bottled in limited editions of 4,804 each, as many as Oriental Gorillas are left in the world. A part of each KONG bottle is used to help conserving Gorillas through the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund and GRACE Gorillas.

    Tasting Notes

    Distant spice notes. Balsamic notes of mint.

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