Jura 21 Year Old Whisky, 70 cl

Jura 21 Year Old Whisky, 70 cl

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Discountinued in 2009, Jura's excellent 21 year old whisky is back and fine form! With well rounded notes of winter cake, marzipan and jammy notes this is an excellent “special occasion"  whiskey. Read more.

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    Jura 21 Year Old Whisky, 70 cl


    Hours away from the Scottish mainland in 1963 the island of Jura's 200 inhabitants decided to rebuild the once thriving distillery to boost their economy and what a job they've done. Since then Jura have become known for producing expertly crafted whisky at an award winning standard. Not bad at all for a place where the deer outnumber humans 25 to 1!

    Tasting Notes

    Fruity and fudgey

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