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Shop Jose Cuervo Silver at The Bottle Club

Jose Cuervo Silver

A well balanced Tequila with hints of Caramel, herbs and (of course) Agave.

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  • Brand Jose Cuervo
  • Product Description

    Whilst many if not all of us (of a drinking age) will have heard and seen Tequila, I suspect few will realise that its creation and production is as closely guarded as that of the likes of Champagne- ie it must be made and bottled within a restricted area within Mexico where the Agave plant is mostly planted. Jose Cuervo is the Moet & Chandon of Tequila. The earliest records of a Mezcal de Tequila de Jose Cuervo can be traced back to 1795 whilst today they claim to have the largest Agave plantings available. This is highly likely given that this is the biggest selling Tequila in the World.

    Tasting Notes

    Well balanced with herbal hints