Johnnie Walker Blue Label Chinese New Year The Rabbit, 70 cl

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Chinese New Year The Rabbit, 70 cl

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Welcome to Chinese New Year with Johnnie Walker's captivating Blue Label The Rabbit: a limited edition blend of the brand’s finest whisky, packaged just for the occasion. This rare expression of award-winning tastefulness honors the powerful spirit of the Chinese Zodiac and its associated character traits. Read more.

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    Inspired by those born during the year of the rabbit, who are known for their friendly nature, sensitive intuition and optimism, this 70 cl bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label tells a story of opportunity and purpose. Crafted from some of Scotland’s most treasured regions, each sip imparts richness; honeyed wood balanced with pleasant notes of ripe fruit and spice that spread across your palate like a playful morning sunrise. A truly ecstatic New Year awaits you!

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    Whether gifted or enjoyed as a personal indulgence, Johnnie Walker Blue Label The Rabbit is perfect for those seeking a special incentive to toast to this new start symbolically. Unlock potential with this richly blended scotch whisky and cheers to tranquility, harmony and true joy —just what Chinese New Year needs.

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