Jameson United Limited Edition Whisky, 70 cl

Jameson United Limited Edition Whisky, 70 cl

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Looking for a whisky that celebrates your love of the beautiful game? Say hello to Jameson United Limited Edition Whisky, the perfect tipple for any football fan. Read more.


    Jameson United is a limited edition whisky that has been created by combining two of Ireland's most passion-filled exports: Jameson Irish whiskey and the world's most popular game, football. The result is a uniquely flavoured spirit that pays tribute to both of these great traditions.

    The whisky itself is a rich and full-bodied blend of pot still and grain whiskeys, giving it a complex flavour that is perfect for sipping neat or enjoying in a cocktail. And with its striking red and white packaging, Jameson United is sure to stand out on your shelf.

    Please Note: You can get any colour from the range of 5. 

    Tasting Notes

    So whether you're cheering on your team or enjoying a post-match pint with friends, make sure you raise a glass of Jameson United Limited Edition Whisky. Sláinte!

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