Jack Daniel's Tennessee Rye Straight Whisky, 70 cl

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Rye Straight Whisky, 70 cl

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The first new Jack Daniel's whiskey since before Prohibition has landed! Tennessee Straight Rye is made from 70% rye, 18% corn and 12% malted barley, and is put through the same charcoal filtration process as Jack Daniel's bourbons. The result is a mellow and sweet whiskey that's enlivened with distinctive rye spice. Read more.

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    “Jack" is in fact one Jasper Newton Daniel who learnt the art of making whiskey from none other than a Preacher. By 1866 his confidence was such that he established the very first registered distillery in the US. I wonder if he ever imagined the heights that his Distillery would scale?

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    Gorgeous new rye from the whisky giant!

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