Himbrimi Old Tom Gin, 50 cl

Himbrimi Old Tom Gin, 50 cl

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Himbrimi is a marvellous Icelandic compound gin built around an 18th century Old Tom Gin recipe that features juniper, Arctic thyme, angelica and honey. It was created by Iceland artist Óskar Ericsson to be a thoroughly delicious tipple to enjoy while fishing, and features a bird familiar to fishers on the label (twitchers will also know it - it's a loon!). Read more.

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    A unique Old Tom Gin with hints of wild arctic thyme, angelica flowers, and honey.


    The name "Himbrimi" means “heaven howler” and is the Icelandic name for the loon (Gavia immer).


    This gin is based on early 18th century gin recipes and is inspired by the scent of wild botanicals that grow along the banks of lakes and rivers in Iceland.


    The outcome is a sweet, floral and complex gin, like nothing you have ever tasted before. Himbrimi Gin is to be enjoyed straight from the bottle while fly-fishing in a flowing river, and is perfect for mixing into your favourite cocktail back at the cabin, after spending a long day outdoors.

    Tasting Notes

    Fresh pine and heavy juniper, with vanilla, lavender, basil leaf and freshly chopped thyme.

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