Herradura Plata Tequila, 70 cl

Herradura Plata Tequila, 70 cl

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Produced by Casa Herradura in the Sierre-Madre mountain range, this fine Plata Tequila is aged for forty days in oak barrels before bottling. It is distilled from nothing but 100% blue agave plants which are harvested when between 7 and 10 years of age. Read more.

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    Herradura Plata Tequila, 70 cl


    Herradura Silver owes its distinctly sweet taste of agave and subtle oak notes to resting for an impressive 45 days beyond the industry standard in American White Oak barrels. The prolonged aging process creates a light straw color with a unique, robust aroma of cooked agave, vanilla and wood that leaves your mouth feeling smooth and refreshed.

    Tasting Notes

    Creamy, full palate with very faint hints of oak and spice. Love agave notes coming through.

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