Hennessy X.O Chinese New Year Zhang Eli Gift Box, 70 cl

Hennessy X.O Chinese New Year Zhang Eli Gift Box, 70 cl

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For the 2022 Chinese New Year, artist Zhang Enli shows exactly how bleak life would in fact be if it wasn’t for all those rhythmical compositions.His vibrant artwork for Hennessy X.O 2022 ‘Poetry and Wine Welcome the Tiger’ celebrates the poetry, optimism, and vitality of the Chinese New Year. The artwork is about spirit and sense over appearances; about the force of transformation, even in the tiniest details.Thanks to 150 years of meticulous know-how, Hennessy X.O remains as inspiring today as it was the day Hennessy first shared it with his inner circle. The powerful and balanced structure of Hennessy X.O carries the promise of an extremely long finish, with each drop an invitation to embark on a journey of the senses through seven tasting notes. Read more.

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    Hennessy is one of the oldest houses to hail from Cognac, dating back as far as 1765 when set up by the Irishman Richard Hennessy. To this day they hold some of the oldest and rarest reserves of eaux de vie. Remarkably the current Master Blender, Yann Fillioux is the 7th generation of the same family to head the blending process at the house.

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    Rich & spicy

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