Havana Club Maestro Rum, 70 cl
Havana Club Maestro Rum, 70 cl

Havana Club Maestro Rum, 70 cl

A rich and fruity rum with complex aromas of Cuba.

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  • Brand Havana Club
  • Product Description

    When sugar cane is ground it produces a thick, creamy, almost liquid substance, very rich in sugar, and of a beautiful amber colour. This is the molasses, traditionally called "honey". This "honey" is the main raw material, and its unique quality has given Cuban rum the prestige it has always enjoyed. A special yeast will be added to the purified, sterilised and diluted "honey" to initiate the fermentation process. The fermented honey is now ready for the slow reflective process of evaporation and concentration which will take place in the distillation columns. The distillation process yields eau-de-vie and pure alcohol. The young eau-de-vie then begins its first maturing period in 180 litre barrels, where it remains for at least 18 months.

    Tasting Notes

    Fruity & Sweet.