Harrogate Rum Miniature, 5 cl

Harrogate Rum Miniature, 5 cl

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Honey Harrogate Rum is made with locally sourced Yorkshire blossom honey and Harrogate Spring Water. The balance of hibiscus, cherry, vanilla and smoked oak results in a deep and smooth rum of true distinction. We suggest sipping Honey Harrogate Rum neat, on ice or mixed with Ginger Beer. We’re also partial to a drop of our wonderful rum in a coffee or to spice up a steaming mug of hot chocolate. Read more.

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    Harrogate is born of Ripley Castle Estate, where they pride themselves in knowing that the key ingredients are sourced locally from Harrogate and the surrounding areas. They’re not only found there, they are the best ingredients they could find and only the best will do! Ensuring we find the right balance for a taste of true distinction.

    Tasting Notes

    Hibiscus, cherry, vanilla and smoked oak

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