• Brand Gravity Drinks
  • Country England
  • Region London
  • Size 50CL
  • ABV 37.5%
  • Flavour Berries

Raspberry Sherbet Gin, 50 cl

Raspberry Sherbet Gin, 50 cl

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Well, well, if it's not another tangy addition to the Sherbet Gin range, this one housing all the fruity deliciousness of the humble raspberry! Real sherbet is combined with a gin base for a fizzy, fruity explosion. Keep it fizzy and give it a go in a raspberry Gin Smash.

This item has been discontinued


    Produced in the UK, Raspberry Sherbet Gin combines real sherbet with premium gin to create that retro fizz we all know and love. Tickle your taste buds with this fresh and fizzy pineapple gin.

    Tasting Notes

    Zesty and tangy all at once!

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