Grants whisky, 20 cl

Grants whisky, 20 cl

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Grant's Family Reserve Whisky is a good, old-fashioned blend that's netted its fair share of awards in recent years. Light in colour yet with a dependable, medium body, the nose is rich in toasted nuts and malted barley. The palate is sweet and full, toffee and buttery caramel meet chocolate fudge, overlaid with woody oak. The medium finish is dry and zingy. Aside from being perfect sipped on its own, Grants is ideal for mixing up a batch of Manhattans. Read more.

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    After humble beginnings in 1898, three generations of Grant's built what we know today as the Glenfiddich distillery from which they produce the famous Grant's whiskey.

    Tasting Notes

    The nose is quite soft and light. There are notes of malted barley and toasted cereals with the requisite sweetness. 

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