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Gin Sul, 50 cl
Gin Sul, 50 cl

Gin Sul, 50 cl

A super-premium, small batched gin from Hamburg Germany.

Fresh, citrus and floral notes that captures mediterranean living. Infused hand-picked lemons and further citrus flavours and give a refreshing taste.

Beautifully presented in white clay bottles which are glazed and screen printed.

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  • Brand

    Gin Sul

  • Product Description

    Distilled in a copper still that holds a mere 100 litres of spirit, it is fair to say that Gin Sul is a truly craft spirit. This tiny still was created by one Arnold Holstein near Lake Constantine. Each batch of Gin is typically distilled very slowly indeed and then filled by hand into the White Clay bottle.

    Owner/founder & master distiller Stephan Garbe fell in love with the Western Algarve during his travels & whilst walking along the Costa de Vicentina coastline, he fell in love with the aroma produced by a unique summer plant, gum rock rose. He also couldn’t help but notice this coastline was full of juniper berries so whilst the distillery is based in Hamburg the lemons and other ingredients are sourced from the Algarve.

    Tasting Notes

    Fresh citrus & floral notes.