Gin 13 Raspberry, 70 cl

Gin 13 Raspberry, 70 cl

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Gin 13 Raspberry also uses 13 botanicals in its recipe although these are slighty different to the standard Gin 13. Namely, they are now Juniper; coriander seed; lemon; tangerine; cardamom; ginger; almond; angelica root; licorice; prince herb; jasmine flower; black tea and fresh raspberries. It is distilled in traditional Portuguese stills: the alcohol is distilled from cereals four times, then distilled again with all the botanicals added, except for the lemon and the prince herb, which are added into the botanicals basket Read more.

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    Portugal may not be the first place that you think of when thinking all things Gin, but this is exactly where Gin 13 hails from. Why 13? This is the number of botanicals used. One of the ingredients used will surprise most- hops. Mostly associated with beer, they provide the Gin with an extra lift with a hint of their flavours in the background.

    Tasting Notes

    Berried and slightly sweeter Portuguese Gin

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