Four Roses Yellow Label Bourbon Whiskey, 70 cl

Four Roses Yellow Label Bourbon Whiskey, 70 cl

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10 distinct Bourbons are expertly married together to create this delicious Bourbon. A sophisticated mix of pear, apple and complimentary floral aromas. Subtle hints of honey and gentle spice provide further detail. Great for mixing our for creating cocktails. Read more.


    Launched by Paul Jones Jr in 1887 in his small office based on the wonderfully named 'Whiskey Row' in Louisville, Kentucky. Some years later his business had thrived sufficiently to purchase the Frankfort Distilling Company who went on to be one of only 6 distilleries to be granted permission to operate through prohibition, producing Bourbon for medical purposes.

    Tasting Notes

    Delicate mix of pears and apple.

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