Firkin Islay Cask Gin, 70 cl

Firkin Islay Cask Gin, 70 cl

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The first in an experimental series of that will see Firkin use different casks types and ageing times. On this occasion the Gin is rested in Islay ex-whisky casks to impart the unique flavour and colour from the wood. This leads to around 250 bottles being produced and with each batch coming from a different whisky cask, the flavour profile of the batches vary a little bit by the time they are bottled. On the palate, this limited edition Firkin Gin exudes a wonderful, spicy and fruity kick from those gin botanicals, combined with a silky smooth, smoky exterior from the Islay cask. There's black pepper and lime peel, ash and vanilla, sea salt and coriander seed Read more.


    Starting as recently as 2014, the distillers at Firkin decided that they could and should experiment with aging Gin just as much as whiskies do. Thus they began to experiment with different casks to age their Edinburgh based Gin in. Once you realise this, you begin to understand why Firkin's Gins are some of the most flavorsome on the market. All the Gins are given the care due to them thanks to only 250 bottles being created in each cask batch. No wonder they have won so many awards so quickly!

    Tasting Notes

    A spicy and fruity kick

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