Finders Sherbet Lemon Vodka, 70 cl

Finders Sherbet Lemon Vodka, 70 cl

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If you like your tipples full of zest, the Finders range has got you covered! Its Sherbet Lemon Vodka get is tangy flavour profile from a host of lemon peel, lemon balm and pine. We reckon this will be an absolute winner in a Basil Smash for a top summery serve. No, we have no idea what's happening on the label either. Read more.

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    A new range of spirits that challenges the norm and breaks traditions.

    Finders is the spirit of adventure, we take the ordinary and make it extraordinary, stepping over convention to walk our own path and write our own story.

    We have developed a range of drinks, carefully crafted using only the best natural ingredients from around the world and made in our eco-friendly distillery. Care for the environment by minimising energy use, recycling and re-using waste is a key part of what our brand stands for.

    Tasting Notes

    Zingy lemony goodness in a classic triple-distilled vodka.

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