Fallen Angel Blackcurrant Gin, 70 cl

Fallen Angel Blackcurrant Gin, 70 cl

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Brand new limited edition gin from Fallen Angel. A rich blend of blackcurrant and the finest dry gin is blended to create a dry but fruit driven gin, giving an almost sweet profile against a backdrop of botanicals. Enjoy with your favourite tonic. Read more.


    After countless uninspiring sales presentations about the latest spirits products, curiosity drove us to question what it was that made a successful drinks brand and if we could write the elusive formula, creating a spirit’s brand that would make people go ‘WOW’. How do you make the jump from the definition below to a product, a drink a consumer wants in their life?

    In 2010 the lightning bolt finally hit – create a brand that is defined by its bottle and not just by its liquid. Not a novelty bottle, rather one that was identified by the image that it provoked. To create a vessel to carry liquid with no compromise. A vessel that will challenge on every level of design, style and function.

    Why should a bottle just look like a bottle?

    Tasting Notes

    Sweet with a backdrop of botanicals

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