Espresso Martini, Bottleproof Cocktails, 70 cl

Espresso Martini, Bottleproof Cocktails, 70 cl

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A modern classic. If you haven’t tried one, you should! All you need is ice and a cocktail shaker and you can make a professional cocktail in less than 30 seconds. Don’t forget to watch Bottleproof’s video on how to make the cocktails on their website- we love it!

The 700ml bottle serves 7 cocktails making each cocktail less than £4.30!

Pay in 3 instalments of £8.66
Pay in 4 instalments of £6.50


    Cambridge based Bottleproof Cocktails was launched in October 2016 to provide cocktails for hotels, bars and restaurants. Since then you can find their creations being served in some of the best theatres in London’s West End and by such famous venues as The Dorchester Group.Their cocktails are multiple award winning and vegan friendly. All the cocktails are made with premium ingredients, crafted syrups and there are no additives or colourants and best of all no allergens.

    Tasting Notes

    A re-vitalising blend of vodka, coffee and coffee liqueur

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