EL Jimador Reposado, 70 cl

EL Jimador Reposado, 70 cl

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Allow us to introduce Mexico's bestselling tequila… El Jimador Reposado is aged for 2 months in White Oak barrels before bottling. It is stunningly smooth with notes of cooked agave, vanilla and caramel sweetness. The producers recommend it with grapefruit soda, lime juice and a hint of salt in a highball glass, something called an "Authentic Paloma"... Read more.

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    EL Jimador Reposado, 70 cl


    It takes years to make it as a Jimador. We’re the master harvesters that give our all in the pursuit of the art of gathering the Weber blue agave that goes into our tequila. Heart and soul, that’s what it takes to get the name–and it wasn’t earned easily.

    Tasting Notes

    Sweet vanilla and caramel, woody, with hints of cedar, earth, soft spices, cassia and vegetal agave.

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