Downton Abbey Rhubarb Gin, 70 cl

Downton Abbey Rhubarb Gin, 70 cl

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Downton Abbey English Rhubarb Gin is distinctly and decidedly different. This vibrant pink coloured gin is created in small hand-bottled batches using only the finest botanicals and Harrogate spring water from North Yorkshire in the heart of ‘Downton Abbey Country’.Fresh, virulent English rhubarb, hand-picked from the 750-year old gardens of the historic and beautiful Ripley Castle Estate, is cut with fresh bittersweet limes and pungent ginger root from the Victorian Hothouse, melded with English rose water. Read more.

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    Harrogate Tipple are the brains behind this brand and all gins are distilled by Tom Nichol and his team on the estate grounds of the 750-year old Ripley Castle.

    All botanicals in these spirits represent the Post-Edwardian era of the popular fictional show ‘Downton Abbey’. These premium drinks are a taste of the aristocratic hospitality at the heart of the beloved TV series. These are the only official Downton Abbey liquor products.

    Tasting Notes

    Fresh, virulent English rhubarb

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