Coca-Cola Signature Mixer, Spicy Notes, 200 ml

Coca-Cola Signature Mixer, Spicy Notes, 200 ml

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With a warm introduction that gives way to a fiery finish, this Signature Mixer is a sophisticated and complex blend. Citrusy lime, ginger, spicy jalapeño, fragrant rosemary and aromatic jasmine combine to create a mixer with a considered balance of zest and earthy flavours that pairs beautifully with dark rums and silver tequilas.

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    Coca-Cola Signature Mixers are a range of mixers, crafted to be enjoyed with premium dark spirits. Each of the four Coca-Cola Signature Mixers variants (Smoky Notes, Spicy Notes, Herbal Notes, Woody Notes) have been co-created by some of the world's leading mixologists who experimented with over 200 contemporary and traditional ingredients to create four refined mixers for dark spirits.

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