Cloudy Bay Te Wahi 2017 , 75 cl

Cloudy Bay Te Wahi 2017 , 75 cl

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Thanks to the continued demand for New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, Cloudy Bay's Pinot Noir wines tend to disappear under the radar a bit. It's a shame, but it does mean that those who have discovered them are grateful to have more to themselves. Te Wahi is distinctive from Pinot Noir from Marlborough being made in Otago and has a totally different taste structure. Hugely recommended it is a luscious blend of rich cherry and plum fruit with just a superb after taste. One to stop you in your tracks! Read more.

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    If you've not come across Cloudy Bay before then you are most certainly in for a treat. Those of us old enough to remember will recall how back in the early 1990s we were all told that serious wine only came from France, Spain, Italy and perhaps Germany. Cloudy Bay completely changed that. Following its Sauvignon Blanc launch in the UK in the'90s it was impossible to open a Wine magazine without it being mentioned and recommended by just about every wine critic out there. Suffice to say you could easily argue that Cloudy Bay introduced us to and was one of the wineries to open the UK's eyes to the quality and diversity of wines available from New World countries (Australia and New Zealand in particular)

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    One to stop you in your tracks!

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