Chairman's Reserve Forgotten Cask Rum, 70 cl

Chairman's Reserve Forgotten Cask Rum, 70 cl

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On the 2nd May 2007 a great fire ravaged St Lucia Distillers distillery, destroying much of the storage buildings. "Good heavens!" You might exclaim, and rightly so. The result of this was the distillers had to find new storage locations for their casks, in all manner of places. They forgot the location of some of the casks, only to find them recently, and it turned out the rum they found was sublime. Rich dark gold mahogany colour, there is a wonderfully intense nose of sweet raisin, sultana and hints of tobacco and vanilla from the oak. Ultimately quiet an intense Rum with sweet honeyed fruit and spices giving a wonderfully balanced and complex drink. Read more.


    Whilst they are based on gorgeous St Lucia, Chairman's Reserve sources molasses from British Guyana. Rather than ignoring local sugar producers, this arrangement was in fact brought about by the demise of sugar plantations on the island in the 1960s. In creating their Rums Chairman's Reserve store their stocks in numerous styles of vats and barrels and employ a range of yeast strains. All of this ensures bags of flavour, character and variety. Heartily recommended.

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    Honeyed fruit & spices

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