• Brand Canyero
  • Country Uk
  • Size 70CL
  • ABV 20%
  • Closure Screw cap

Canyero Salted Caramel Rum, 70cl

Canyero Salted Caramel Rum, 70cl

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Canyero salted caramel rum made with a blend of Caribbean rums carefully selected in origin by master rum makers. With a delicate flavor, its touches of wood and honey will surprise even the most passionate rum lovers.

This item has been discontinued


    Salted caramel has had a fabulous time of it recently, for valid and delicious reasons. What could be a better pairing for the sweet treat than rum? That's where this salted caramel rum liqueur from Canyero comes in. An extension to their fabulous original  Honey Rum liqueur, it does not disappoint. Perhaps you could try pouring this over ice cream...

    Tasting Notes

    Perfectly balanced sweet and salted notes of caramel

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