Bombay Bramble Gin (Case of 6 x 70 cl Bottles)

Bombay Bramble Gin (Case of 6 x 70 cl Bottles)

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Bombay Sapphire's signature and sublime blend of ten of the finest botanicals, balanced perfectly with the vibrant fruitiness of ripe blackberries and raspberries. Read more.

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    Bombay Sapphire is instantly recognisable with its classic emblem and vivid bottle colour. It prides itself on innovation, quality and uniqueness, sourcing the most raw ingredients from all over the world - the very reason for its unbeatable taste and enjoyment. A staple in everyone's drinks cabinet and now branching out into the world of flavoured gin, which is not to be missed!

    Tasting Notes

    Full of  berry flavours but balanced and not overly sweet

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