Blackwoods Vintage Dry Gin, 70 cl

Blackwoods Vintage Dry Gin, 70 cl

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Every year, the Shetland distillery of Blackwoods creates a gin with a vintage, using botanicals sourced locally, leading to each vintage being slightly different to the last. This 2017 edition has warming cassia and black pepper, savoury thyme, floral vanilla and a hint of lemon zest!

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    Blackwoods' gins are made in small batches using a traditional copper pot still. Each vintage is subtly different due to the flavour being determined by the availability of handpicked Shetland botanicals. Each variant in the Blackwoods range are award winning spirits and a sign that Blackwoods have truly mastered their craft.

    Tasting Notes

    Spicy with a hint of citruses.

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