Bitburger Premium Pils Beer, 24 x 330 ml

Bitburger Premium Pils Beer, 24 x 330 ml

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Perfect hoppy pilsner pleasure combined with lightness and elegance, plus a crystal clear, sunny straw yellow and a persistent, fine-pored foam: brewed only from the best raw materials according to the German purity law, our Bitburger Premium Pils is convincing as the most tapped beer on German counters for a reason. Its barrel-fresh taste is what makes our premium beer so popular. Read more.

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    From the former country brewery to one of the most important private breweries in Germany - Bitburger has become internationally loved for good reason! With a portfolio of incredible beers we recommend trying each one as they seem to get better and better.

    Tasting Notes

    Perfect hoppy pilsner pleasure

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