Belvedere Single Estate Bartezek
Belvedere Single Estate Bartezek

Belvedere Single Estate Bartezek

The finest Dankowskie Gold rye is cultivated from a single estate in northern Poland. Lake Bartezek is an unfiltered water source which Belvedere tell us allows the lakeside terroir to fully enhance their vodka. The result is a pleasing, subtle, smooth and inviting vodka with a light floral background. Impressive.

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  • Brand Belvedere
  • Product Description

    Belvedere is a luxury vodka from Poland. Distinctive by its use of Dankowskie Gold Rye and distilled four times. One of only two distilleries in Poland to own its own water source- an artisan well close to the distillery. Named after the Belweder Palace in Warsaw (which is the building you see on the bottle), the name translates in Italian as 'beautiful to see'.

    Tasting Notes

    Subtle, floral and impressive