Beluga Gold Line Vodka, 70 cl

Beluga Gold Line Vodka, 70 cl

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A Limited Edition release from the Beluga Distillery retaining many of the precise features that you might expect from Beluga but now filtered 5 times rather than the normal 3. Presented in a stylish presentation box each bottle is wax sealed and has its own serial number. Read more.

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    Beluga Noble is a premium Russian Vodka based at the Mariinsk Distillery in Siberia which was established in 1900. Using clean, pure water solely from 300 meter deep wells within Siberia has ensured that Beluga's taste remains as clear and clean cut as any in Russia. Beluga has also stuck rigidly to using a special malt in its recipe. Whilst this is not unique it is certainly unusual thanks in main to the cost implication.

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