Banana Bread Manhattan Premixed Cocktail, 50 cl

Banana Bread Manhattan Premixed Cocktail, 50 cl

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This Banana Bread Manhattan is a delightful surprise. Not too sweet, but just sweet enough, Liquid Intellect's twist on the classic Manhattan uses Rye, cognac & ripe banana combined with sweet vermouth and baked bread tincture. With aromas of freshly baked banana loaf and tasting notes of rich ripe banana - This cocktail will be a favourite amongst cocktail novices and connoisseurs alike.

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    Founders Charles & Eleanor have worked on a number of national and international projects together, designing drinks for critically acclaimed bars and brands but they have decided to take a step into the world of bottled beverages... and thank heaven's they did! The cocktails produced by Liquid Intellect, are made by one of the dedicated team, who from start to finish, manufacture everything and bottle by hand. All of the cocktails made by Liquid Intellect come from the Soho Cocktail Labatory.

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    Banana heaven

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