Audemus Pink Pepper White Label Gin Miniature, 5 cl

Audemus Pink Pepper White Label Gin Miniature, 5 cl

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Pink Pepper Gin is Audemus’ flagship product – it was born from a desire to create an aromatically bold and complex new-style gin. Steering away from the straight and dry juniper-lead style of gins from the yesteryears, we have created a spirit which will evolve and change depending on how it’s enjoyed.Each batch of Pink Pepper Gin is dedicated to family members, good friends and people who are part of the Audemus story. Read more.

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    The Audemus Distillery is a little atypical for the Cognac region, where we usually encounter giant copper beasts which can churn out hundreds of litres of their spirit a day. In fact, there are only a handful of distilleries around the globe that create the way we do. Originally inspired by the enigmatic work of Sacred Spirits of London established a few years prior, we understood the power of a small and agile offering in the world of distilling.

    We operate a vacuum distillery out of the distiller’s (Miko’s) living room in the centre of Cognac. The principle behind this method of distillation is simple and now well documented. By lowering the pressure inside the still, we lower the temperature at which the alcohol will boil – meaning we avoid cooking the botanicals we distill; ensuring the freshness of flavour is maintained. Distilling is always distilling – evaporating and condensing; nothing more – however, it is a process that is infinitely complex in its simplicity and allows for a myriad of detail.

    Tasting Notes

    Fresher, spicy notes of pink peppercorns, juniper and cardamom

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